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Before ECB 2013. Thinking loud.

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This year the most important start for me will be at home. Why at home? Just because I always want to come back here and when I’m here I don’t want to leave. Yes, now Netherlands is my home. While I’m away competing or training, my loving wife always waits for me and misses me.

My destiny was bringing me to different cities and countries. Only the place where I grew up I always felt home. All other places were just temporary. Now I have the place which I can call the coziest and filled with tenderness.

Rock climbing brought me my love…Such a wordplay.

Even Monk played the role. If there will be no Monk there will be no Worldcup in the Netherlands, and for sure not in Eindhoven. Thus, I would not meet Tatyana.

Feels like lots of accidents just decided to happen. Miracle – I met her! I couldn’t not love her… especially after everything that we went through.

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