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Training secrets

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How should I write about it without revealing all the training secrets?

You understand that how important is training, lots of nuances. Secret technologies to raise your power, secret technics of coming to an other state.


I knew that! There are no limits of naivety.

There are no secrets! Not at all! Everything is very easy that most of the people can’t believe that.

One day I realized, I need a trainer. I need a person who will control me, urge me, believe in me and force you to make voluntary attempts again and again. A person who sees the border between: it is possible if you keep trying and it is impossible, at least now, no matter how much you try.

As the fates decree, I found such a person. I don’t need to explain anything to him, I only share emotions.

“How do you train? Where is the secret?” – You can ask.

A lot of training. At first sight, it is just simple training: sportsmen is doing attempt after attempt, falls down, sometimes writhing with pain, keeps silent and making new attempt. Trainer is beside him, calm and attentive. He has this look that you are not at any importance there. Sometimes he shows new routes, depends on how fast you can finish it. In general, trainer is relaxing while you puffing over the rout and getting stuck on one movement. Oh yes, sometimes he is laughing when you fell yourself as a hog on ice.

“Why am I telling you all this stuff?”

Because from the side you will never notice what is going on and you will not be able to repeat it at home. You will miss the main thing, the state of the sportsmen and trainer. There is certain relation between them; trainer feels you like you are part of him. You also feel the trainer, but usually you don’t have time to think about it, you need to climb hard. Trainer doesn't let you to relax for free, only if he would want it. Everything in the room is soaked with the feeling, that you can do anything, that you are told to, you just have to do it. Mechanism of self-excited system is working. You came with at least weak intention, trainer cultivates your intention, infects you with self confidence. Therefore, you are becoming stronger and trainer is confident in you even more. In this way you can reach incredible level without feeling yourself tired and exhausted!

Of course, it is difficult to believe in it, you just need to try.

Thanks to Roman. He is going to broaden my true limits.

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