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News from USA #3. Indian Creek.

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First of all thanks to everyone who is following these news!

Rustam Gelmanov on the wall

In the previous post you saw strange thing with crimps attached to the car. So, it is fast made foldable trainer for training climbing on normal crimps. Now we are only doing crack climbing, for sure I will lose my current skills on the crimp climbing. Therefore, designed during building this trainer happens to be very useful and easy! If you want to create the same, write to me, I can tell you couple of nuances. I’m warming up on this trainer in the mornings. Also I’m using weighing material which I brought from home.

Despite some everyday life difficulties, life here is very simple. Morning. Making fruit salad. Even our friend – video operator, who likes meat a lot – said that he getting full with the salad, especially by vegetable one that we make in the evening. He doesn’t have much choice here, set of products we have is very simple – a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Everyone is getting up early and waiting for the sun to feel the warmness of the luminary. Then we are warming up a bit and going to the rocks. Climbing and again climbing. Usually we come when it is very dark already.

Every night fabulous stars shine in the sky, every star whispers its mystery. There is infinite number of stars, but every star is insanely far from another. The same is with people. There are so many people in the world, sometimes it looks like we are close. But actually there is everlasting misunderstanding and disagreement between people. Only small pendant bridges can safe the situation, everyone should built these bridges inside – tolerance, hope, and persistence.

More news and more photos will come! Hope you are enjoying it.

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