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“Power balls”. Create simple gift for yourself or your climbing friend.

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Once I've already shown training wall for crimp climbing in the car made by myself. Here is the next do-it-yourself tip.

Long time ago I was in IKEA and saw there a candlestick. I immediately wanted to take it into hands. The moment I realized that I could remove the bottom, I saw in it sport equipment.

All you need is 2 candlesticks, 2 quick draws, piece of the rope.

Gelmanov Rustam, Гельманов Рустам

1) Remove bottoms from the candlesticks.
2) Remove one carabiner from each quick draw. Insert the loops into candlesticks.
3) Use piece of the rope to fix loops inside candlesticks. Put the bottoms into candlesticks.

The balls are very slippery. You need a lot of power to hang on them. You can always make it sharper by sandpaper. Candlesticks are made from aluminum and it is easy to work with.

Make your favorite work with pleasure, climb with pleasure!

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