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It's been a long while since my last post. This time I will not write about competitions or training. This time it is story from my childhood. It’s difficult to say, but maybe this story will be interesting for someone.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам ГельмановUntil I became 12 years old I lived in small town Tekeli, old Soviet Union Republic Kazakhstan. How was it? It was like in a fairytale, but only for kids. As soon as Soviet Union felled apart, adults had nothing to do there. Big long canyon, few small mountain rivers getting together and then lapse into a big river, and then into lake Balkhash. Sun is shining every day all year around. Clouds are only for rain, otherwise they didn’t come to this place. Only nature around! This place can beat many resorts.

From early childhood I felled freedom and didn’t feel being under control of anyone. I learned on my own mistakes and at the age of 7 I realized that I’m more conscious than many adults. But I didn’t want to become adult! Why would you wish something that is inevitable? That is why even now I feel myself like in childhood. I have nice memories about house we lived in: real own big house with garden and all small buildings around it, necessary for surviving in post Soviet Union time on periphery. Chickens and etc)))

Ah, here is one case; I will interrupt myself if you don’t mind. It is just one of critical points in my life: I realized something significant in nature.

I was at the age when all kids catch and torture the cats. My mom called me and told that there is plum tree on the garden and I should saw it. There were few plum trees in the garden including partly sawed one. Turned out that I had to saw the partly sawed plum tree and demolish ugly stamp with it, but I actually sawed good alive plum tree. When my mom saw that, she was upset but not as much as me. Adults are harder, one can say that adults are coarsened in their feelings. I was upset thoroughly and. To the bottom of my heart and maybe even deeper I realized that there was alive tree and I destroyed it with my own hands. Five minutes ago life was circulating in this tree. Now this tree is laying there and dyeing, and you can’t put it back, it will never grow back together no matter how you try. At this moment I realized that nature is in our hands. Child cruelty began to step back.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

I can’t explain how great it was in childhood in this cozy town, I’m not a writer.

Then very spontaneous my dad went to Africa for a job and was decided that soon we will move to Russia. I couldn’t fully understand all seriousness of this, but I was ready for anything. While I was living in one place I even felt jealous about people who move from one place to another.

Moving day. Everyone gathered together to tell good buy. I was not worrying about moving but I was worrying about cat that can go somewhere and we will leave without it. All day I was paying attention to a cat so it will not leave. Cat is free and it can disappear for a few days and then return… as everyone in our family. I didn’t miss the cat. We made a photo and left. Suddenly I realized that I locked the dog and I forgot to unlock it before we left. We couldn’t take dog with us, that would be too much. Thought about this dog being locked forever didn’t leave my mind for a long time. Probably I was worrying for the whole year. Of course now it is all forgotten.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Time went faster. Moving from city to city, changing schools, I even don’t remember anyone from my last school, not even teachers. Maybe it is not that good but my memory is not stuffed with school memories. Moscow started to do its work and form me by its rules. There was a lot of interesting stuff, but time was flying so fast.

Three years ago I’ve met Tatyana. Those three years for me as ten!

Love creates miracles!


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