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Do it yourself

“Power balls”. Create simple gift for yourself or your climbing friend.

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Once I've already shown training wall for crimp climbing in the car made by myself. Here is the next do-it-yourself tip.

Long time ago I was in IKEA and saw there a candlestick. I immediately wanted to take it into hands. The moment I realized that I could remove the bottom, I saw in it sport equipment.

All you need is 2 candlesticks, 2 quick draws, piece of the rope.

Gelmanov Rustam, Гельманов Рустам

1) Remove bottoms from the candlesticks.
2) Remove one carabiner from each quick draw. Insert the loops into candlesticks.
3) Use piece of the rope to fix loops inside candlesticks. Put the bottoms into candlesticks.

The balls are very slippery. You need a lot of power to hang on them. You can always make it sharper by sandpaper. Candlesticks are made from aluminum and it is easy to work with.

Make your favorite work with pleasure, climb with pleasure!

News from USA #2. Indian Creek.

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Couple of days after arriving to Albuquerque we continued our journey.

Now we are already in Indian Creek. Hard training started.

Sometimes we are repeating the routes that we did last year. Now it is much easier. It is like bicycle – as soon as you know how to cycle and know the techniques, you only gain the experience. On some routes I feel very comfortable. I’m very surprised with that!

I was dreaming about being in this beautiful park after competition season. You can feel real serenity here! Of course it depends on the people with whom you stay there.

Training wall for crimp climbing

We arrived late night to this place and could experience all mystery that feels this place. With sunrise day becomes “working day” and there is no time to enjoy the nature anymore. Impatiently I’m waiting for the evening, darkness and mysteriousness come instantly. Large sun falls over the horizon like big sunflower.

Crack climbing is like a ballet for me. Sometimes you have to stand awful pain and spend a lot of power. At the same time you are trying to keep power. To do that you need to move elegantly and try to unite with the wall like you are the part of the wall. Don’t you think it is like a ballet? Only there is no public.

New hair style!

If you want to know more about my trip to USA read here. And the video from last year!