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Independent of me decision

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I’m in the Netherlands now and it is moment of truth. This week I’m applying for the Dutch residence permit. If everything will work out I will have long-term residence permit and I would feel more freely in Europe than before.

I’m a bit worried. It is important for me.

Happy new year!

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Wonderful fairy tale continues to the next year...

Back to Russia

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This year two times I was in Moscow: before competition season at the beginning of the year and now, after competition season. Moscow greeted  me coldly. City convulsively compressed by large population, most of whom came here to fulfill the dream. No one cares about moral and aesthetic part of the city. As result, reigns here impudence.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Just couple of days is enough for me to adapt, and that's probably because I studied here. For me it was not just a school, where you get knowledge. It was the "School of Life", where I learned how to behave in Moscow that everything will be "OK." From the moment I left Kazakhstan, a lot has happened, I changed a lot, I have different character. For that I should "thank" Moscow.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Then there was school stage of my life, when I was doing avia modeling. The head of our section was a real "man" , he was a fireman , raised by the old canons , he was honest and fought for honesty. He was my hero and he taught me a lot. I was for him as a son . At that time I realized that the world is not so rotten and there is "light of life", but it is not simple at all to find the person who radiates this light. Do you know how appreciated people who are keen to ideal world and fight for justice in this country? In brief , he was fired. Well, of course I was disappointed.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Life in Moscow teaches you many things, but only if you combine it with life in other places. Otherwise ....

I didn’t want to offend anyone, just don’t see myself differently.

... what did I want to tell with all these writing? Oh yes, I remembered.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

If I was told in childhood, back then when I lived in Kazakhstan, that once I will live like I live now and I will afford myself everything that I can afford right now, I wouldn't believed it. Even five years ago I would not believe it too.

But I never limited myself in dreams. Perhaps that was the key that opens even now one door after another in front of me.

Give freedom to my thoughts

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Hello to everyone!

Every time writing new post I want to write: And again new phase (of life).. I always have this idea in mind, always new and excellent phase. But this time it is not like that, thinking and living like by phases is not natural. I like smoothness in events. Everything depends on how you look at it))

I’ve decided to start preparation for the next season from December 1st. From the last season I have reserve of power (that is how I realized that everything is smooth with no jumps) and most importantly motivation. I feel all this energy which is proper only for competitions. I still didn’t forget sweetness of the victories and heard braking bitterness of performances which didn’t bring me satisfaction.

In many years of training ball of events, emotions, various worries and exhausting trainings is developed in me. So this ball (which is somewhere deep inside me) revived and now I don’t need to support it. It is generated independent of me organ. Moreover, it motivates and teaches me. Yes, I know, it sounds strange, but this ball also knows way more than me.

Ups… I completely forgot that I wanted to write about emotions after trip with my wife in USA.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Feeling of freedom… delight of this sense makes you alive. We had three weeks, big car with sleeping place, endless even American roads, happiness of newlyweds, and by this time opened National parks.

How can I describe it in few sentences? I don’t want to stoop to say that trip was “cool!”. Otherwise I would have to write l need to write a small book.

All trip was happening in halo of embraces of beloved.

Colorado – Utah – Nevada – California. Nature was charming us and securing already strong connection.

More about my USA adventures you can find here.