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Adidas Rockstars 2013

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Do you want to see genuine combination of athlete exceptional physical power and luck?

Then you should think about buying tickets for Adidas Rockstars 2014. Take the place close to stage, otherwise you may miss the most interesting part: most interesting happens with lightning speed. Yawning ones will then ask what just happen.

“How he did it??? I can’t believe it! He should repeat it one more time! 🙂 ”

Wonderful and the biggest commercial competition of this year is over. It is known from the beginning that luck plays the most important role no matter how much you train. I started to tame luck in advance, it came very close to me. It is said, luck likes when you train at your maximum and it comes to you when you like your trainer. Such a strange thing.

I was a bit tired after Arco. There we got a big surprise of lots of little crimps from  Jacky Godoffe. There was a unique scene when powerful healthy guys were ready to cry due to pain in fingers. I had some rest, made one or one and a half trainings in Salewa Cube, Bolzano, and went to Stuttgart.

Very warm welcome, everyone is glad to come. Some people complain about injuries, as always, some people are very cheerful and hoping to diminish stress.

Everyone around wears Adidas, total Adidassism is close on the heels of other brands. I belong to different team and stand out for that and of course attract attention.

I learn to feel myself at home everywhere long time ago. So here I’m also like at home.

Slowly competition rounds are going on. I’ve decided to make experiment and be extremely relaxed. I imagine that now I’m in climbing gym in Škofja Loka (Slovenia). Trainer is behind me, I’m calm. Why would I worry? I just need to climb as on training and everything looks simpler.

Experiment started, everything is fine. But then I realize that something is missing. What is it? Of course! There is no dust and dirt, otherwise will be completely the same as in climbing gym in Škofja Loka! (joking for those who’ve been there). I always can easily find my coach in the crowd. I understand, that if I started with this experiment I have to go till the end and don’t show any nervousness!

Finals started. I’m confident and climb the last. You should realize that being last always brings a lot of pressure. Even better, experiment will be harder and more genuine!

I’m going forward. Public may think that it is impossible to beat me. Actually that is not true, I’m not a robot. Yes, I’m a human and also have emotions. Only ones can understand what is happening in my head from the stage. Others are wrong.

Far away from the public behind the stage there is small war between finalists who are waiting for their turn. Everyone is fighting differently. Someone is listening to the music and stares into the floor. Others pretend to sleep but are sensitive as a beast. Others are just looking around trying to count attempts. Some people can better relax while talking, but they may disturb others. Some people are hiding with headphones. Music helps a lot, I normally prepare playlist in advance. I like the heat of the struggle, it is very interesting to test yourself.

Until the very end I was confident, but last round didn’t go so well. Result: I’m second. I want to brag about compliment that I got from my trainer. Just couple of words from him are as a balm for one's soul. Even I need it sometimes.

This was the last start this calendar year. I will be climbing in USA when you will read this. It is completely different, wait for the news.

Thanks to everyone! Especially to my trainer, who made enormous work with me. I hope he  enjoyed the result. And of course thanks to my dear wife.

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