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News from USA # 1

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Right after writing previous post about Adidas Rockstars I went far away over the ocean.

Packing was fast, my friend Pavel took care about a lot of things. Yes, with Pavel we are going to perform long-planned. Full of enthusiasm I arrived to Albuquerque expecting Pasha (another version of his name) to meet me with flowers)))) But what do I see? I noticed someone familiar sleeping on the bench near baggage belt. He almost didn’t recognize me! Pasha is sleepy and a bit angry; his baggage is lost and should arrive in couple of hours.

Then we were picked up by a Mark (now he is also mine fiend). To meet such a person is as rare as seeing birth of a new star. He helped us so much, so it is even difficult to say. Huge thanks to him for everything!

We felt at home form the first moment and started to work immediately. Pasha and I bought car here, we like it very much! We made beds, fixes some things under the bonnet.

Previous owners didn’t make nice job with this car. And now real American car is ready for the coming adventures!

More news are coming, stay updated! 🙂

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