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Our Montenegrian Wedding 22.07.2013

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Hello everyone! New chapter of my life started: recently I couldn’t even think that time will change me so much, now I’m married!

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

How did everything start? It started as everything that happens with me. I was dreaming and only dreaming, subconsciously and honestly! I was dreaming about beautiful and wonderful wife, about understanding without words and about everything romantic in the world to be happening with us!

Usually dreams come true if you believe in them with all your heart. I think not many people know about this simple thing.

About my love I can speak forever, but I can’t write forever, so I will try to find enough room in your patience.

Last year when I was in Miami, I spent a lot of nights in the internet. We with Tatyana got the same thought simultaneously: “Should we get married?” Not spending a lot of time on decision, we’ve decided to try to arrange everything during very busy next year. Of course we were afraid that everything may not be on the way we want it. But there is very big BUT! My optimism was covering everything even without any reasons for that. I should repeat it again, true believe is a very strong support.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов“Why Montenegro? Where is it? Is it good there?” – some questions we had to deal with when we discovered that organize wedding in such a beautiful place will be ideal. There are way more pluses than minuses. No one needs visa to Montenegro, sea, sun, mountains, rivers, lots of interesting historical places and atmosphere of freedom.

Main thing that we were sure about was that we didn’t want help from wedding organizing companies. We started to organize everything by ourselves. To be precise, it was Tatyana’s turn to read reviews, look for beautiful places, search interesting activities, reserve everything.

It is known that if you want to have everything in the way you like, you have to do it yourself. There is just one BUT: you need to have aspiration and time. Oh yes, we don’t have any problem with aspiration, we even have too much of aspiration. But with time we had some problems. It is even difficult to describe all my fussy trips around the world just before the wedding. I should mention that I still managed to relax. Friends of mine saved me and took over all last arrangements, which I was not able to do.

First day, first chapter.

Everything is arranged, all gathered together. Early morning of very warm Montenegrian day started with fuss. Maksim and Anya (friends) took care about all last things and told me to relax and enjoy this day. They didn’t need to persuade me and I slowly started to melt in atmosphere of love and understanding.

Only one thought was coming through my mind: “Haha, I am Husband!”

AAAA, how can I write and explain to you everything that was happening there? I will try.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Tatyana is beautiful, shining in the brilliant glow of the happiness of her soul. She is like a ray of sunshine, playing with dewdrop at sunrise, gives you the solemnity of the new day. She is fluttering in a beautiful dress, attracts guests attention. Amazingly wonderful outdoor terrace with view to the mountains and the sea with a slowly moving ships… All around is covered with flowers and white delicate curtains, I'm waiting for my Muse. Tatyana is lead by her father, walking on the roses petals.

Guests are holding their breath, event coming to culmination, and as thunder you can hear the words: "Do you agree... ? " Rings, the first kiss, broken into small pieces glasses, cheers, lots of hugs and congratulations, gifts and, of course, again kisses!

After a brief lull time went faster. The event went faster in all senses. The boat, dinner… this day was so intense, that if I will tell more I would bring you into boredom!

Two more days were planned for the rafting and jeepping on the wonderful places of untouched Montenegrian nature.

I think I greatly reduced the ending ))) But believe me, it was like in a fairy tale!

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов

Thanks to out friends for special atmosphere, thanks to you for taking time to read!

Thanks to my wife, all my life is connected with her!

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