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Hello everyone!

Might be that I dreamed about meeting like that. It happened the other way around than I dreamed. They found me themselves. Probably I’m just lucky))

Some time ago I received email saying something like: “Hi, I’m Henna. Do you want to come to Helsinki for couple of days? Will be fun!” Why not, decided I. At the end, I participated in competitions coinciding with the opening of the new climbing gym Boulderkeskus in Helsinki. After the comps I gave a talk where I said about my life, trainings and a bit about everything. Also I showed couple of exercises. I’m very glad, that was my first performance like that in English.

Huge spacious climbing gym with lots of facilities. The length of the overhang of one of the modules is incredible. You can easily train lead here even though it is a boulder gym. Impressions from the climbing gym are very positive. I’m a bit envy, I would happily train there for the competitions ((

Rustam Gelmanov, Jernej Kruder

Boulderkeskus is the place where I could spend all day long.

Thanks to Jernej Kruder for the problems. He knows the difficult problems for me)))

Thanks to incredibly wonderful people Henna and Jarmo. World rests on such people.

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