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climbing is life

About me

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Hello. My name is Rustam Gelmanov. I'm a professional climber.

Rustam Gelmanov, Рустам Гельманов


Birthday: 06.12.1987

Place of birth: Tekeli, Kazakhstan

Residency: Eindhoven, the Netherlands





Tell us a bit about yourself...

For the last couple of years I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  Eindhoven has very good climbing gym, where I like to train.

Do you work with a trainer?

Not really. I like to figure out training methods and exercises for myself but a trainer can be helpful to give me pointers on what I should be working on. I find making progress gives me the most stimulation.

How long have you been climbing?
Since 2003. I come from Kazakhstan but I really wanted to try my hand at Alpinism. I came across a group of Alpinists who introduced me to a climbing wall. I tried it, liked it and took it up. After three years of climbing, I won the Colmiane.

How long do you plan to go on competing?
Ideally I’d like to become the world number one. I’ll carry on for at least three or four years and then I’ll see if I’m still hungry for more. I already run some competitions for young people but the problem is sometimes I pick climbs that only I can do!

Are you a star in Russia?
Yes, of course, but only among climbers!

Apart from climbing, what else do you like?
I love speed, so I had a motorbike in Moscow. I plan to buy one here as well. But I'm also interested in aeronautics, so I also like making model aircraft!

What's your favorite movie?